Wednesday, August 1, 2012


By the time you read this, I would've already made my mark
In the world, going far, everything I say is from the heart
Every moment from the start, my people got guided me through it
Trying to make this music, never losing, I'mma keep it moving
You're looking stupid if you hating someone you don't know
I see a glance of the future, see the greatness down the road
Gotta plan, and a fewer mistakes I won't make
And fate is so great, today is a good day
And life just gets better, when you appreciate
So put your lighters up, let's all seize the day
And live for the moment, get a cam and record it
And you can't ignore it, you gotta go feel awarded
I know it's hard, but you can never scheme to forfeit
I'm still the same little kid with a dream before this
You gotta go and own it, this is the right time
Celebrating with a bite of last night's dine

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