Sunday, June 26, 2011


people say leaders are born
athletes are born
religious men are born
artists are born
entrepreneurs are born

they aren't. homo sapiens are all born the same.
it's the life they have after being born that varies.
i live in a town, known as the knowledge city
life here is easy. u have a brilliant mind, u survive.
it's not like im a telepath or a fortune teller,
but i can see those who will be succesful.
these people, they have the perfect environment.
it's like a base, built by their parents.
u can see a genius with talents in sports
u can see a leader who befriend everyone in school
u can see an artist who does everything correctly
all of them are with one similarity. the perfect base.
from the base, they evolve,
from a kid who plays ball, to a person who designed ball,
from a kid cries at morning, to a person who gives talk.
from a naive kid, to an honest man.

but, what happens to those with imperfect bases?
they survive, living in disguise as the succesful ones.
they have a family, like the others too.
but not that good. u have no idea how their family is. 
they have friends, like the others too.
but not that many, the close ones at least.
they can talk, like the others too.
but not that talkative, because they are afraid.
they are afraid to say anything because it might be wrong.
or it might be funny, awkward, stupid and pointless of all.
so they slowly living in their own world
hoping to survive the next day of their life, and the next..
and, the next....

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