Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Ini kisah benar-benar berlaku... Member aku...  bacalah !:

One day, there's this one tourist from Florida, Terry McCarthy, a white male came to Malaysia and check-in a hotel. Hotel Concorde, Shah Alam . He does know a little bit of bahasa but not very fluent.

At the same time, Samad (bukan nama sebenar), a local citizen of Malaysia and also a newbie in the hotel. First day of work, he became a receptionist. Niceeee . He's okay with his bahasa but not so much with english. Both of them are opposite to one another. Then Terry approaches Samad..

"Excuse me, I wanna check-in please."

"err..err...okay...wait the...seminit ya...jap.."


After further processing, Terry started to complain on Samad's lack of etiquette. In his mind (Terry), he takes a chance to practice bahasa: "Ini budak lembab macam kuraa-kuraaa. Gagap pula tu

"Sorry...about that...what time is your name?"

"You mean what is your name?"

"I'm Samad"

"No!! you bloody fool, I'm correcting you."

"Oh oh I'm sorry..huhu.."

"Okay, ask me again"

"What is your name?"

"yesss like that. haha. ehem, I'm Terry McCarthy"


"huh??? what do you mean sama-sama?" *scratching his head*

"You said Terima Kasih. So I balas sama-sama"


haha poor Mr.Terry. Can't stand with Samad. haha so the moral of the story, learn more english, try to speak, don't be such a blur. :D